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Company Vision

Gomes Gaming was founded in 2005 by Dennis C. Gomes and his son Aaron Gomes. With his father, Aaron wanted to bring a new, innovative formula to the gaming industry. Dennis’ accomplishments have cemented his place in gaming history and Gomes Gaming continues to operate true their shared vision for what the gaming industry should strive for – bringing the highest quality experience to each and every guest and maximizing profits along the way.

With a team of highly accomplished operators and marketers, the Gomes Gaming team continues to bring ground-breaking firsts to the gaming industry. By approaching each situation with a well-balanced combination of a sound financial plan, gaming expertise and one-of-a-kind marketing strategies that will produce loyal customers and garner national attention, the Gomes Gaming team can effectively manage large and small properties to maximize their profits.

It is the Gomes Gaming belief that putting people first – employees and guests – will result in a happy and profitable company.


The primary purpose of GGI is to manage casinos on behalf of creditors/owners who do not have the expertise and experience to do so. While GGI is primarily interested in operating casinos for owners on a long-term management contractual basis, it also offers services to lenders currently in the unfortunate situation of having to foreclose on properties and operate them until they can be sold to new investors. GGI may also provide consulting services based on the circumstances.

Although there are many companies in the industry offering the same services provided by GGI, none of them are as perfectly suited to fulfill this task as GGI. Whether it is the development and management of a new casino, an ownership transition of casinos taken over by creditors, a casino that requires new management and new energy, or a casino that has been weakened by poor controls and theft, GGI is your only real option!


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